The Right CTA For Your Website and Ads

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

CTA (Call To Action) is important element of any digital marketing product. Your CTA has to grab the attention of your visitors immediately and show them an offer that they can’t refuse. To have your CTA strong and effective, follow these rules: 

  • Make your CTA text action-oriented and persuasive

  • Add strong visuals supporting your message

  • Create a sense of need and urgency

We've collected some tips and a step-by-step guide to creating an effective call to action for an increase in your conversion rates.

What action do you call for?

If you have never asked this question - you've been loosing your leads. At first, it seems that there is nothing simpler and clearer than placing a "Learn More", "Buy Now" or "Contact Us" button, but in order to create a valid CTA you need to understand the psychology of your visitors.

Your CTA button can have various shapes and colors as long as you follow the main condition of a call button: to be attractive in appearance and well written.

CTA consists of 2 elements: design and text. While the role of design is to attract attention, the role of the text is to make your website visitors (or ads viewers) to click it. So, the trick is in combining all these aspects plus having content that would lead to an action.

Let's talk about design aspect: are colors important?

Hubspot ran a test proving that red color button was more effective than green one (21% more effective). But it's not just about the color. If red would not match your entire website design or your ads design - you need to go with another color. But, CTA button for sure should stand out and be easily found while scrolling through your website (or feed).

Where to place your CTA?

There is no answer for that as it all depends on your website design. The most common place for CTA is the top part of your home page, but it is not necessarily correct way.

In this example of Lavish Miami Designs website call to action is "Shop Now". That is appropriate location for an online store so that visitor doesn't have to navigate through the menu and can start shopping instantly. The video banner and the "Special Occasion Dresses" tagline is the content around that call to action.

On our website you can also see call to action as "Start Now" button. The content above the button describes the scope of services offered by the agency and the button itself links to a contact form. The word "Start" represents the starting rocket from the illustration above and keeps the mystery of what will follow after clicking.

Some of the most common and strong CTA words:



Get Started


Buy Get Send


Book Find Submit

Choose Look View

Contact Request Write Join Shop


Click Order Try

Compare Receive

Check Learn

Enroll Download Reserve

Adding "for free" or "now" underlines the benefit or emergency of an action.

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