Are you starting new business? Here is how we can help you:

  • Design a logo and create branding strategy for new business

  • Develop a website for new business

  • Create and implement Search Engine Optimization to your website

  • Start Google Adwords campaign

  • Design and print presentation and promotion materials: business cards, flyers, presentations, booklets, posters

  • Create and promote social media accounts and content: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube

  • Create local business listings: Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook and more.

Effective Marketing & Design is trusted website design company in Miami. We worked with a lot of small and growing businesses in Florida and worldwide. Among these who used our logo design and website design services are restaurants, doctors, lawyers, construction, recruiting companies, fashion online stores, event agencies, accountants and more.

We know how important it is to get the right start for your business and thats why offer all necessary marketing services for new businesses. 


We  offer fast and affordable  logo design services. You will get several design options for you to choose from.

The company logo, without exaggeration, is the most important element of the corporate identity, its real cornerstone.  Corporate identity, memorable logo design is one of the first, but at the same time the most important steps in creating and developing your business. The result of this work will be the strengthening of the company's brand and increasing its recognition among consumers.

Image by Domenico Loia


We can develop your first website or redesign your existing website: corporate website for b2b or b2c markets; online store; promo websites; portfolio;  online booking system and more. 

90% of our website design projects are "turnkey",  developed and designed from scratch including full content. We will give you recommendations on your website structure and apps to implement on your website. 

Effective Marketing & Design provides a comprehensive service for the promotion of websites in search engines. In complex with the website design, these two services allow you to initially build the right foundation of your website, create the right structure, eliminate technical errors. The advantage of this complex is that the new site is fully ready to promote your business online. Throughout the process of the website development, you will receive consultations from our SEO specialists, which will allow you to take your site to the next level, avoid expensive modifications or move to a new version of the website with minimal losses.


Do you already have a modern website offering a wide range of products or services, but does it bring very little customers because of low attendance? To solve this problem it is possible by means of promotion of a website in search engines. Qualitative search engine optimization can at times increase the attendance of the resource and allows it to take a leading position in Yandex and Google.

It is best to start promotion right after the  website design stage when site is created. Thanks to competent optimization, targeted visitors will always come to the site - users interested in ordering your goods and services. Promotion is conducted on a certain number of keywords that most accurately reflect the features of your business.

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Google AdWords, and other PPC (Pay Per Click) platforms are, perhaps, the only kind of advertising activities, which allows to feel the effectiveness of the site literally within a few hours.

It is the most reliable and fastest way to attract potential customers to your website. Literally, all transitions and requests for PPCads are considered to be targeted. You pay only for click, for impressions or for conversions. From the moment when someone visits your website to the first call - a few minutes, while the launch of your online ads campaign will take up to 3 hours.


Corporate style of your  business implies not only the creation of a logo and online presence. The next important steps are:

  • Design of your corporate and personal business cards

  • Various souvenirs (mugs, branded pens and pencils, key chains, lighters, etc.);

  • Signs, postersand outdoor advertising;

  • Hats, bags and T-shirts

  • Presentations

  • Booklets

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