Do you need a new logo design?

Your logo is the face of your brand and reflects its essence, its strategy through a graphic sign. Ideally, the logo design should express the main direction of the company's activities.

Development of company logo should be aimed at attracting attention of potential customers. We at Effective Marketing & Design will create a logo that reflects the activities of your company and distinguish you from the gray mass of competitors! We always provide our customers with a choice of logo designs and make sure to create what you've imagined and dreamt about.


We also offer Corporate Design Services which include: logo design, business cards, corporate letter template, email signatures, envelop design.

Logo Designer at Work


Professional logo development implies a detailed study of the market and competitors of your business. And only such analytical approach to development will allow creating a logo with the help of which the brand will be able to work effectively in its field, favorably differing from competitors without losing its individuality, attractiveness and recognition.

Any logo should be perceived not simply as a beautiful picture, but as a symbiosis. Its typography and color decisions should have a very concrete meaning, allowing a potential consumer to either accept a brand or reject it. That is why logo is the most important element of the visual series, which symbolizes the idea of ​​positioning your company on the market.

A prominent logo can strongly influence the perception of the company's image in a competitive market; because after creating a memorable logo, it will be easier for you to conduct a successful online advertising campaign, television or outdoor advertising.

It is important to remember that we do not work on a template, we do not provide model solutions!

We at Effective Marketing & Design usually develop 3-4 different concepts of the logo for you to choose.


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