Effective Marketing & Design is an official Wix Expert and Wix Partner in Miami. We've completed over 200 websites on Wix and have a lot of positive feedback from our clients.


Wix is not limited to using templates. There are incredible design possibilities for ensuring that your website is unique and captivating. 


Wix's platform is constantly improving. We follow updates closely and test new and upcoming features, so we will be happy to help you with your Wix Website.

Latest Wix Website Design Projects

Wix Expert Services

Tutoring by professional Wix designer


Meet with official Wix Experts and professional Wix designers in person or via Skype and learn how to maintain your website, add custom features, and manage Bookings, the Wix Store and other apps. Find out more about Wix’s capabilities that fit your business goals and make your Wix Website more effective.

Custom design by professional Wix designer


Whether you need to customize the Wix template you've chosen, adjust your mobile design or redesign your existing website, our professional Wix designers can help you. Most design requests can be completed within 24 hours.

Help of Tutoring by professional Wix designer


There are hundreds of apps and features available for Wix users. Learn more about how your website can be made more effective. A professional Wix designer can find the perfect app to be a great tool for your business, and guide you through the process of managing apps on your Wix website.

Professional Wix SEO help


Wix websites are easy to set up for SEO. However if you want to rely on SEO to bring you potential clients, basic settings may be not enough. A professional Wix designer can help you to boost your SEO by making sure that all elements on the website are working to promote your website to your target audience.

Wix Website Design


  • When you want to have your Wix template customized

  • When you want to have specific features and you cannot figure out how to achieve them

  • When your Wix mobile website does not work properly

  • When you cannot find your Wix website through Google

  • When you don't know what plan to choose for your business to avoid overpaying

Wix Website Design