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Not all disabilities can prevent people from using a computer but many conditions can deprive people of exploring the internet and reading screens. These could be autism, cerebral palsy, impaired vision, deafness, and difficulty in grasping objects. Without the proper measures in place, these problems can prevent people from using smartphones or computers.

If you happen to reside in the US, you must have heard of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), an integral part of web compliance standards. Many governments around the world have been able to come up with similar policies on web compliance. Ignoring these laws may not have any legal implication on your business. However, you are likely to lose a massive amount of traffic. This is because you will have a site that doesn’t cater to the needs of different users. Such action can make your business less competitive.


Web Design for Accessibility is more important than you are imagining.

That someone is disabled doesn’t mean they can’t access the content of your website. In fact, a website can only be said to have met all the requirements for accessibility web design when it can be used by people who have physical challenges. They should have unrestricted access to information on your site without any problem.

How To Make Your Website Accessible?

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