6 seconds to make your client stay​

Landing page is a very powerful marketing tool and one of the most important stages of sales funnel. It is your sales representative that works 24 hours a day.​ For that reason, landing page should smoothly continue your ads message, answer your visitor's questions, help her to make a decision and call to action.


Conversion - is the most important role of the landing page, wether it is filling out a form, subscribing to a newsletter, booking an appointment, downloading a file or making a purchase.

You have on average 6 seconds to make the right impression on your landing page visitor. And that is the reason why it is so important to consider several aspects while creating a landing page. Read more about landing page in our blog post.

Wix landing Page Design

You need a landing page if:

Wix landing Page Design

If you are running or planning to start PPC campaign. 

Google ranks higher the ads with a high quality score. Landing page is one of the factors affecting your score. Effective landing page design and matching your landing page content to your ads content will icrease your ranking and reduce your cost per click.

Wix landing Page Design

If you are running promotion. 

If you have a seasonal or special product or service to sell online, you might want to separate it from the rest of your website with standing out design.

Wix landing Page Design

If you are blogger or social media influencer. 

Landing page is a great opportunity to sell your products, downloads, to present current deal or collect your email subscribers.

Wix landing Page Design

If you are planning an event

Landing page allows you to collect RSVPs, and give more information about your event.

Wix landing Page Design