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Link Building

We tailor our services in line with your objectives to boost your SEO performance by creating reputable backlinks.

Link building can be defined as the accumulation of inbound SEO links to different web pages of yours. This is considered critical for ranking by Google’s algorithm. If a website hopes to better its search engine rankings, they are expected to have a functional, working strategy in place, which can be supplied by experienced link-building pros. 

A lot of businesses have attempted to do link building on their own, but it didn’t end well because it is a time-consuming, expensive, and difficult process. That is why it is recommended that you outsource such tasks to companies like Effective Marketing & Design. At EMD, we make sure you are never short of high-quality SEO backlinks while boasting higher profits in the process. That will also enable you to focus your time on other, more important things. Why not give us a trial today and see how it pans out?

What are backlinks?

Backlinks from popular websites act as a social proof and trust signal. They indicate that your content can be trusted. Anytime a website gets a backlink from a prestigious website, it’s an indication to Google that such content is important and trustworthy. 
Links can also pass authority between pages. What that means is that an inbound link from a website with high authority will automatically
increase your page’s authority, increase rankings, and ultimately lead to higher organic traffic. 

Activities We Recommend Before Getting New Backlinks

Link Building Strategy

Website analysis is part of our strategy to identify the quickest way to grow your visibility and analyze SEO variables such as backlink profile, core vitals, and others.


We also formulate strategies to get links through different methods like outreach, content, link profiles, competitor, and others. 

Keyword analysis

In link building, targeted keywords serve as anchor texts. Our professionals know how to carry out comprehensive keyword research and come up with the right keyword optimization method to get quality backlinks and prevent over-optimization.

Competitor Analysis

Our experts also analyze the backlink profiles of your competitors to reveal link building opportunities that would favor your site. We do domain categorization according to link obtainability and industry relevance. 

Backlink Audits

You need a good backlink profile to boost traffic and drive quality leads to your target pages. We subject your backlink audits to deep scrutiny, and identify backlinks that can cause your website more harm than good.


We obtain a list of all your referring domains, evaluate backlink profiles, identify valuable and weak links, prepare the audit & file for webmasters to decide on which links should be taken down.

  • Do I need to use paid promotion on social media?
    You need social media advertising if you would like to: - Attract targeted traffic to your website - Attract new followers/subscribers - Increase online sales - Promote your new location The competition of business accounts in social networks has grown drastically during the last couple of years, and new algorithms do not display business page posts in organic search results as much as paid ads. In this regard, there is a direct need to use targeted advertising in social media networks.
  • What is the optimal budget for an advertising campaign?
    We recommend allocating at least $ 450 / month for one ad, especially for the first month. It usually takes a few weeks to optimise an ad for the best results. Our main function is to use the allocated budget as efficiently as possible, while minimizing the cost of advertising.
  • Can I do it myself?
    Of course. But if you don't have an experience of running PPC or social media ads, you might end up overpaying for your ads or not reaching your target audience. We have our own strategies on how to reduce the cost per click and make ads more effective.
  • Which call to action should I choose? Is it better to attract new audience to my social media account or my website?
    In order to understand where it is better to drive traffic, we need clear goals for each campaign. If the goal is to form a loyal community on social networks, then traffic should be directed to the community. If your goal is to get leads or purchases, then you should drive traffic to the website. Before launching, we analyze the landing page. If we understand that the site can convert poorly at this stage, then we suggest working through lead forms in social networks.
  • What can I expect from my ad design? Can I use the design somewhere else?
    Very professional and complex designed ads might not work well in social media. Too beautiful pictures sometimes fall under the "banner blindness" of a user. We can test both options and you will see the difference in performance. Our experience shows that often the best results in performance are provided by native advertising, which is organically integrated into the user's news feed. But if the advertising campaign is widespread or the goal is brand awareness, the design can be more creative and complex. If you offer to launch your own image or have specific design requirements, such as extra text on your ad design, then we cannot guarantee that the KPIs for conversion actions (subscriptions, traffic to the site, requests) will be high.
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