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Digital Marketing & Website Design Company 


We offer all marketing in one place.

We do not just create websites, but develop a complete strategy and tools for your business. 

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Effective Marketing & Design is known as a reliable and affordable digital marketing company in Miami which specializes in website design. Our mission is to support startups and local businesses achieve their goals in the best way that we can. We are located in the U.S., but our clients live and operate their businesses worldwide.


Even though website design is our speciality, this is not even half of the services we provide. From logo design and brand development to  social media management and search engine optimisation to graphic and corporate design, we provide everything you could possible need in one place. 


The majority of our clients are small, fast growing businesses who are looking for an effective start or an aggressive boost to their digital marketing.

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Website Design Miami


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We invest all the experience we have gained over the years running online businesses into each and every project. Each of our websites uses a specific sales logic, adapted to your target audience. We believe that a website should be:

⭐️ Beautiful ⭐️ Selling ⭐️ Effective ⭐️ Compatible.

Are you starting a new business? Here is how we can help you:


  • Design a logo and create a branding strategy for the new business

  • Develop a website for the new business

  • Create and implement Search Engine Optimization for your website

  • Start a Google Adwords campaign

  • Design and print presentation and promotion materials, including: business cards, flyers, presentations, booklets, and posters

  • Create and promote social media accounts and content on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube

  • Create local business listings on Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook and more.

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