Your website design is ready? Now it's a perfect time to setup your social media accounts and start promoting your business.

Social Media Marketing involves promotion of product, services, business, yourself, affects demand, builds reputation and stimulates sales. Promotion in social networks is not limited to thoughtless posting, and commenting.

It is a complete system that allows solving a range of business tasks:


  • Creating a permanent channel of communication with the target audience

  • Brand recognition

  • Increase traffic to the website

  • Work with brand loyalty

  • Sales promotion

  • Creating your own network of brand advocates

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising seems easy to set up, but why it is not bringing results?

There are many steps that have to be taken care of properly to make the most out of you social media advertising campaign:

Defining correct audience to show your ads, forming groups

- Creating landing page for each ads group

- Creating social media ads design for each group

- Defining the right time, formats and location to show your ads

- Setting up budget

- Analyzing and adjusting social media ads

Effective Marketing & Design can assist you with all these steps to make your ad campaign effective.