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What Kind of Product Do You Offer?

Updated: May 14, 2021

A popular misconception that a lot of start-up businesses have at the beginning is the idea that a product is what you sell to a customer when you receive money or provide a service. But what's really important is as a result of its use/application, which is what we are all selling.

For example, a business coach doesn't sell just a seminar, a musician doesn't sell just recorded composition, and a tire manufacturer doesn't sell just tires. People do not experience all these products or services until they have purchased, because the product is revealed to them only later on. The real product of a business coach is an increase in her/his client's sales, the real product of a musician are emotions from listening to a song, and a tire manufacturer sells safe and comfortable driving.

This misconception must be dispelled because at some point we stop seeing a further way to improve our products or services. We conclude that the quality level is brought to the proper level, and we stop improving the heart of our business. This marks the beginning of a long stagnation for the brand. At the same time, a solution to the problem of growth is sought everywhere, except for simply not a good enough product, if we bear in mind the results of its application.

Yesterday's ceiling is our today's floor, and in order to move forward, we will have to abandon what we have firmly stood on.


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