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Web Design Styles: Which One is for you?

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Many customers who come to us for the web design services get simply lost in the variety of current trends. Therefore, we decided to talk about the most popular styles of web design today. Let's stop on ten most demanded. But in fact there are, of course, much more.


Conservative Website Design

Classic design is pretty universal and can be used in any industry: by a beauty salon, law firm, manufacturing company, IT brand. Classic web design tells your visitor: "we are reliable, serious business, let's cooperate".

The menu is located on the left or above, drop-down or static. The color scheme is restrained, harmonious, without brightness, usually in light shades. If the company has developed an identity, the company colors and elements are included. Fonts are modest, no effects. With all the strictness, websites with a classic design are diverse, you can always find a new solution.

Helvetica, Calibri, Georgia would be examples of fonts to use for Conservative Website design.


Modern website design

Modern website design, unlike Conservative website design had more minimalistic layout, a lot of dynamics and animation.

Modern website is developed using current trends. For example, parallax effect and gradient backgrounds.

This type of website is suitable for all brands that position themselves as trendy, cutting edge, innovative. Can use any colors. Most suitable fonts are: Avenir, Futura, Proxima Nova, Brandon Grotesque, Raleway.


Elegant website design

Elegant website design is more suitable for beauty & fashion industry, however can be applied to other types of businesses.

Elegant website has to be clean with light or completely white background. Animation should be soft and slow. These types of websites cannot be overstuffed with texts.

Among the most popular fonts to be used in elegant website design are all of handwritten fonts and others, like Bodoni, Requiem, Museo Sans.


Fun website

Fun website calling your visitor for a fun conversation. This type of website design is good for entertainment, food or kids brands. The goal of a fun website is to catch eye and be memorable.

Colors of such websites usually are not limited and combinations of fonts can have big variety.


Energetic website design

Energetic website design should be modern and entertaining at the same time. Such website usually have two or three bright colors in its palette, keeping it serious at the same time.

This type of website design is good when you have strong call to action through-tough your website and when you are aiming young audience.


Luxurious website

Luxurious website design is mainly used for fashion, auto and music brands, as well as can be used for real estate and travel businesses. If your brand is on luxury market - you might want to consider luxurious website design.

It usually has two or three main colors, most often black, white and another one. Might have silver and gold design elements.


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