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Ways to Promote Your Business For Free

Ways to Promote Your Business For Free

Can't find the right tactics to #promote your #business for free?

Here's a list of tactics we've been using over the last couple years. They are all free.

🧩 Add your #website to popular directories

🧩 Start a #blog on your website and update it frequently

🧩 Create YouTube videos

🧩 Offer #freebies or #discounts to your website subscribers

🧩 Participate in podcasts

🧩 Collaborate with other relevant businesses in social media

🧩 Inspire your clients to leave online #reviews

🧩 Post jobs on your website, social media and job directories

🧩 Speak at events

🧩 Update your Google Business and #yelp

🧩 Start online workshops, create video tutorials for your #products

🧩 Contribute to your #seo on regular basis


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