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Is Online Menu Your Restaurant’s Most Influential Marketing Tool?

Updated: May 15, 2021

Are you a #restaurant owner? According to an #OpenTable survey 93% of people view #menus online prior to #diningout. 49% of people perform local searches to choose a place to go. So, your online presence and your #menu availability is crucial for your #restaurantbusiness.

What are the benefits of having your #restaurant menu online?

✅ Online interaction with your existing and potential guests.

✅ Unlike PDF files there is no need to scroll down a bunch of pages. Instant access.

✅ Visualization. Delicious photos will become a real paradise for picky gourmets.

✅ Search engine optimisation. If your online menu is orginized correctly and titles are allocated properly, your website will get more visitors.

A few mistakes you should avoid while adding your menu online:

🛑 Uploading menu as pdf document. That is an outdated way and has no benefit for search engine optimisation.

🛑 Choosing inconsistent stock photos as illustrations. The best way is having your own photos. Your customers choose with their eyes. Having your own #foodimages builds trust and helps your future guests to make a decision.

🛑 Having outdated or incorrect menu items and prices.

When your customers are looking for a place to dine out and end up on your website, they form their expectations based on the information you provide. If your menu is hard to access, if it is not #userfriendly , or it is outdated and doesn't match the reality, you are at risk of getting bad reviews and complaints. Having easy to navigate, updated, and the attractive menu is a great way to attract new customers and one of the main #marketingtools for #onlinereputation


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