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Free Design Tools: Create Marketing Content Without Hiring Professional Designer

Your business, especially if it is new, requires a lot of beautiful design: frequent social media ads and posts, website design, email campaigns. What if you cannot afford to hire a graphic designer yet? Luckily, there are a lot of solutions to create beautiful content even with basic computer skills. Here are top resources we recommend you to use:

Freepik has thousands of professional designs, photos and illustrations ready to use for free for personal and commercial use with attribution to the source. You can basically find design matching any brand style.

You can easily create images, design flyers, posters ads using their drag and drop tools. They also offer thousands  images you can use in your design. 

Bank of creative templates and ideas you can use for your own marketing.

Magic Mockups lets you showcase your website, or digital products placing it on a computer, laptop or smartphone screen. That is very useful tool for startup businesses when you don't really have enough to illustrate your brand. The tool is free and images are in high resolution.

Will let you place your logo not only on computer and smartphone screens but also on promo products, office interiors and more.

Create your logo simple and fast. Even if it wouldn't look professional enough for you - it can give you an idea of your logo.

Use emojis to add some sparkle to your marketing text and designs. This website allows you to copy and paste emojis and simple icons.

Hope these links can help you save time and money on designing your mrketing materials. If you need professional help you can always count on Effective Marketing & Design team.


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