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Are You Creative?

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Are you #creative ❓❔ If you think you are not - we gonna argue. When it comes to #branding and #promotion - talent is a benefit. But #creativeness is something you can develop with well known techniques. When it comes to creating your logo, ads, #posters, #invitations or any other marketing materials, keep in mind the following tools: 1️⃣ Research. Sounds boring, so we like to call it “looking for inspiration”. Browsing internet, getting inspiration from big brands, images, their color palettes, their brand messages can help you get your own ideas. 2️⃣ #Brainstorming. Get your partners, friends or family together and let everyone share their ideas. Discuss, argue, create! It can be fun and bonding time too. 3️⃣ Social Media. Go to #Instagram or #Pinterest and search pictures with related hashtags to extend your visual ideas. 4️⃣ Mood switch. Put all your thoughts and ideas together in a document, gather interesting links and email it to yourself. Open that email on another day, in different situation or another mood and go over all the information once again. It will give you fresh look and new ideas. What can you add to this list? ❔

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