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7 Web Design Trends For 2020

New decade brings new trends in everything, including graphic and web design. The main task of designers will be to implement an extensive innovative functionality without visual overload.

Combining photos with graphic design elements and abstract illustrations

Web Design Trends 2020

Combine photos with illustrations and graphics drawn by hand. They can be added to a photograph or they should complement each other. The mix of two realities paves the way for creative and marketing ideas.

Black and white creatives

Web Design trends 2020
Web Design Trends 2020

Black and white designs are timeless classics. They are elegant, effective for representing eCommerce and creative services. Negative space, large fonts and line-art elements will be in trend for black and white website designs.

Giant fonts, oversized labels and minimalism

Giant fonts and large tag lines will distinguish 2020 website designs. Large typography with compact concise headlines will not cause chaos in a minimalistic design or on mobile screens. On contrary it catches the eye, creates an interesting visual warp, strengthens the design with the conceptual message of a greater determination.

Website interactivity & motion graphics

The interaction of users with the site paves the way for mutual understanding, no matter what goals they pursue. This explains the interest in game design, explanatory graphics and animated illustrations with multi-level interactivity.

Empty space

Web Design Trends 2020
Web Design Trends 2020

The use of white space is one of the principles of web design and an effective way to attract attention. Blank space refers to the area between design elements, as well as the space inside some elements of a web page (including line spacing and font stretching).

Asymmetric layouts

Web Design Trends 2020
Web Design Trends 2020

There is a standard grid that is used for the development of most of websites, the borders of which are framed by internal and external indents, which makes any page as comfortable as possible for perception. In 2020 it is asymmetric structures that will allow many brands to express their individuality and even brutality to the fullest, creating bizarre and extravagant works.

3D video

In 2020, it is impossible to imagine movement without 3D design. This design industry has opened the door to a world in which only imagination is the limit. We can find 3D in commercials, films, games, advertising campaigns and more.

Mobile design

Web Design Trends 2020
Web Design Trends 2020

First of all, the focus will be on mobile phones. Obviously, they are used for surfing the Internet no less than computers and laptops. It is also worth considering the browser window mode, which is often used to simultaneously view multiple web pages.

The screenshots used in this article are Wix templates available on If you are interested in one of the illustrated examples, hire professional Wix designers to create your unique design.


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