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Wix Website Design Terms & Conditions

What is a page?

Using a book analogy, if your website was a book, a page of your website is a page from a book. It opens individually and has it's own URL (link).

What is a section?

Each page can contain multiple sections. Section is a block of information that is individually designed and visually separated from a section before or after. Usually a page that has more than 2 blocks is considered as long scroll page at it requires your visitor to scroll down.

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What is Revision?

The revision process of the Web Design Phase of your website is a collaborative one. It is where you can guide the design and request changes. You may request changes to images, fonts, feature layout, and certain color changes. Be aware that there are certain elements of the website design that may not be able to be modified due to best practice, responsive design protocol, and the website framework and structure. Please Submit Each Round Of Revisions To Us In A Single Email, Zoon Call or Document. Please take the time to carefully review the website designs and make your revision requests as thorough as possible. Additional revision rounds may be charged at $90 per round. If you require additional web design features that are not part of your scoped and quoted website package we may be able to add these at an additional charge. Exclusions may apply.


It is important that you understand the parameters of any functionality component or plugin that you are opting to have on your website. Each functionality component or plugin has its limits, elements that we do, and elements that you will be responsible for.

Page Content

We will coordinate, upload and assist you in curating of the content for your website pages. Our prices are based on you supplying content to us in a digital format via email. Content provided to us in inefficient formats –  eg. handwritten, scanned or hard copy – requires additional time and additional charges.


You can provide us with images and/or we can source high-quality Stock Images for your website. Any stock images from us must be chosen during the web design phase. And due to licence restraints, these images can only be used for your website and you will not receive copies of these images.

Project Timeline

From the date that you submit your deposit payment, you will receive your initial web design concepts within 4 business days. The deadline of the project should be discussed before the web design starts. Any further revisions and changes might add 1-2 business days per revision changes.

Modifications To Your Photos

We will upload your photos as we receive them. If you require or request advanced modifications in Photoshop, this will be an additional charge.

Contact Form

Your website comes with a standard contact form. If you need a tailored form this will need to be quoted based on your requirements.

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