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  • What Should You Put on Your Portfolio Website?

    What should you put on creative #portfolio website? The secret is simplicity! When it comes to creating a portfolio website, web designers tend to ignore one obvious fact: the #website has to have a portfolio as the main focus. Unlike with other #websites it is not imperative to add as much information, animation, and features. Reduce the amount of information and other #design features as much as possible, and then the remaining elements will stand out more. A minimalist approach is the best solution. Contact information, brief about info, a section with services - all you need to have on your #website but portfolio and a home page could be enough to convey your information.

  • What Kind of Product Do You Offer?

    A popular misconception that a lot of start-up businesses have at the beginning is the idea that a product is what you sell to a customer when you receive money or provide a service. But what's really important is as a result of its use/application, which is what we are all selling. For example, a business coach doesn't sell just a seminar, a musician doesn't sell just recorded composition, and a tire manufacturer doesn't sell just tires. People do not experience all these products or services until they have purchased, because the product is revealed to them only later on. The real product of a business coach is an increase in her/his client's sales, the real product of a musician are emotions from listening to a song, and a tire manufacturer sells safe and comfortable driving. This misconception must be dispelled because at some point we stop seeing a further way to improve our products or services. We conclude that the quality level is brought to the proper level, and we stop improving the heart of our business. This marks the beginning of a long stagnation for the brand. At the same time, a solution to the problem of growth is sought everywhere, except for simply not a good enough product, if we bear in mind the results of its application. Yesterday's ceiling is our today's floor, and in order to move forward, we will have to abandon what we have firmly stood on.

  • Developing Your Brand

    There is a ton of literature and Internet articles on brands and branding. Often the opinions of experts contradict each other; sometimes the terms are difficult to understand. That is why we will try to convey to you just as much practical information as is necessary to create a brand. Today, people have more and more choices, but there is less and less time to make a decision. Therefore, the ability of a strong brand to simplify the decision-making process is invaluable. It is very important to understand that building a brand is not about simple logo design. The brand is still something that is in the mind of the consumer. In a simplified form, the strategic brand management process can be divided into five components: 1. Brand Positioning. 2. Brand Identity. 3. Brand Touch points and Brand Experience (points of contact for the interaction of a client with the brand) 4. Brand Communications (Building a relationship between the consumer and the brand) 5. Brand Performance Let's take a closer look at these components. Brand Positioning has four key elements: Target group: not the target audience, but a wide group of people united not so much by age, gender, or income, but by emotional motives that your brand also promotes. The market or category in which your business operates. Are you a restaurant or a cafe or a family club? What is the spirit? Brand Promise: The most compelling rationale and emotional consumer benefits your brand has over the competition. Proof: The most compelling evidence that the brand promise is being fulfilled. This is often your brand's mission statement. We suggest that you write down your brand positioning using the formula below. TARGET GROUP AND THEIR NEEDS: OUR BRAND IS FOR... PEOPLE WHO ARE LOOKING FOR... THEY WANT... THEY VALUE... CATEGORY: OUR CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS IDENTIFY THEMSELVES AS.... BRAND PROMISE: WE CAN PROVIDE... PROOF, MISSION: BECAUSE WE ARE (OR WE HAVE)... Naming The first and most important element of the identity of any project is its name. You can both get creative and use anything that you have in mind, or you can do a brainstorming keeping your target group, your services, and your positioning in mind. The name may be inspired by the location of your business and contain your city name. If you are opening a restaurant or a store, you can study the history of the building where your premises are located. Using your family name can be also a good idea. According to few studies, that creates more trust around the brand. Finally, you can create a word. It can be a mix of 2-3 words consisting of your family name, your products or services name, location all together. Don't forget to do a trademark research before making a decision, as well as checking available domains to make sure your brand will be unique. Logo Design Finally, once you have your business name, your brand positioning concept, you are ready to get your logo designed. Effective Marketing & Design are experts in logo design and brand identity. Contact us to get a free consultation on your logo design.

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  • Effective Marketing & Design | Website Design | Miami

    Digital Marketing & Website Design Company START NEW JOURNEY TO SUCCESS We offer all marketing in one place. We do not just create websites, but develop a complete strategy and tools for your business. t GET STARTED WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU WEBSITE DESIGN CORPORATE DESIGN SEO SOCIAL MEDIA LOGO DESIGN WEBSITE REDESIGN ABOUT US Effective Marketing & Design is known as reliable and affordable digital marketing company in Miami specializing in website design. Our mission is supporting startup and local businesses. We are located in the U.S. however our clients live and operate their businesses worldwide. ​ Even though website design is our speciality, that is nearly half of the services we provide. Logo design, brand development, social media, search engine optimisation, graphic and corporate design - everything your marketing needs is here in one place. Most of our clients are small or fast growing businesses who are looking for effective start or aggressive boost for their digital marketing. TESTIMONIALS

  • Professional Logo + Website for $399 | Miami | Website Design

    WEBSITE DESIGN Any business needs a beautiful website, adapted for any device , and most importantly - a selling website. We know how to comply with these conditions and quickly solve the problem. ​ We make websites that look tens of times more expensive than their cost. At the end of the project, you are not going to get just a page in the Internet, but a built-in system for receiving and processing your leads . ​ We invest all our experience gained over the years of running an online businesses to each project. Each of our websites is a specific sales logic, adapted to your target audience. We believe that website should be: ​ ⭐️ Beautiful ⭐️ Selling ⭐️ Effective ⭐️ Compatible. PORTFOLIO Website Design Website Design Website Design Website Design 1/6 PRICES Interact With Your Visitors Add subscriptions, chat, blog, forum, online contact forms and more. Let your visitors submit various information to your website. Get mobile notifications about visitors and their actions. Schedule Appointments Schedule appointments online, accept payments or deposit. Manage your appointments from your phone and give access to your assistant. Sell Online Sell anything online: digital or physical products, subscriptions or services. Manage your inventory easily in one system. Get mobile notifications about visitors and sales. CONTACT US SELLING WEBSITE Undoubtedly, your product or service is interesting to a certain part of the gigantic Internet audience. Internet marketing techniques can bring visitors to your website but user friendly and attractive design makes them contact you, purchase from you or stay on your website longer. The goal of the most websites is to make the visitors your customers. In marketing, this term is called "Conversion". We are convinced that only a well-built, easy to navigate website is able to cope with this task. EFFECTIVE WEBSITE Design and style should fully correspond to the purpose of your business. It takes less than 5 seconds for your visitors to decide wether to stay on your page or keep looking somewhere else. ​ The content of the website should be as clear as possible to answer all possible questions of your visitors. ​ Effective website is the one that is built for your target audience and matches your business goals. COMPATIBLE WEBSITE Developing websites without adaptivity to multiple devices or without mobile version does not make sense. More than 80% of users open websites from mobile devices . Browsing for information, products and services from tablets and smartphones has become common for us. Sometimes we look for information about goods and services while we are on the move. ACCESSIBLE WEBSITE Accessibility of your website is important to show that you value inclusion and to make it easy to read and navigate for people with various disabilities. Special tools and features will make your website complaint with the highest global standards (WCAG 2.0 ). PORTFOLIO

  • How It Works | Wix Website | Effective Marketing & Design

    Wix Website by Professional Wix Designer How It Works Effective Marketing & Design offers web design by building stunning websites on Wix platform, that allows us to focus on creative work and deliver results in 5-15 days. We create a custom professional website that fits your needs and expectations, and offer continued support after you launch. Step 1 Decide on your website structure and the amount of pages (sections) you need. Tell us important facts about your business, share your logo and brand identity, the colors you prefer or would like to avoid. Show us few examples of other websites that you like. What is a page? Using a book analogy, if your website was a book, a page of your website is a page from a book. It opens individually and has it's own URL (link). What is a section? Each page can contain multiple sections. Section is a block of information that is individually designed and visually separated from a section before or after. Usually a page that has more than 2 blocks is considered as long scroll page at it requires your visitor to scroll down. Step 2 Define your website concept and design expectations. Tell us important facts about your business, share your logo and brand identity, the colors you prefer or would like to avoid. Show us few examples of other websites that you like. Step 3 Get custom draft and give us your feedback. That is your first revision. 1 round of revisions comes after delivery of a website's mockups. That stage include 2 revisions. That means that after we hand in those first few potential designs, we expect our client to send us one e-mail listing everything they’d like to see different. Revision Guidelines Website design revision process is a collaborative step during which you can request any changes. To make revision process effective and have your beautiful website live as soon as possible, we suggest few guidelines: ​ 1. You can request changes such as fonts, layout, colors and main elements (header and footer) during your first revision.Adjustments to these elements might be done during next rounds of revisions. There will be certain elements that has limited layout or animation options due to the website frame and responsiveness features (the way it displays on different screens). 2. There are limited number of revisions that come with our website design packages. Additional revisions are added for the website with more content, pages and features. Additional revision rounds may be charged at $90 per round. We will always inform you on how many revisions you have left. ​ 3. Each revision has to be a separate email or a document. That is convenient for us and our clients to keep track of all the requests and changes. ​ 4. Please provide us your final text content, not temporary. In case you don't have your final texts, we can design your website with temporary placeholders that you can fill with our content later. If you don't have your content ready, please think on how many paragraphs you might need to make the best matching layout for your content. ​ 5. If you need additional any additional pages, sections or features that are not part of the quote, we will let you know in advance about additional charge. ​ ​ Step 4 At this stage final content is provided. “Content” means information, data, text, photographs, videos, audio clips, artwork, designs, written posts and comments, software, scripts, graphics generated, provided for the use on the website. ​ If you don't have any images - there is no need to worry. We provide our clients with unlimited stock images in high resolution. Step 5 Final revisions with mobile design. Mobile design adjustments are made at the final step of the website design.

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