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  • Immersive Website Design

    Modern requirements for the websites are high. A user should also enjoy being on your website, studying it, and opening it again and again, sharing the links on their social media. One technique that can bring you closer to this ideal is the presence effect or immersiveness. The user feels like a participant in what is happening. Thanks to large photos or videos, a web designer can to put the visitor for a journey inside the website. This technique works incredibly well with images of interiors or landscapes, as well as motion. Your brand should be unique by bringing an online experience that authentically reflects the point of view of the brand it represents. Using a combination of visual effects, graphical and textual elements, your brand can make stronger connections. From visual attributes to emotions and behavioral responses, the more connected the experience, the deeper the loyalty between brand and user. By approaching a strategy that includes immersive web design, users see new developments in interactivity, design techniques, and integrated interaction. These implementations create experiences that are memorable, useful, and provide ease of use for the user. While immersiveness can be implemented in any number, including animations, transitions, web graphics, or micro-interactions, motion is one of the most widely used. Any form of interactivity of your website allows your visitors to feel immersed in the content. Analytics show that having a video, animation, or interactivity, rather than just a static image or text, can increase engagement by at least 200 percent. Moving images are stored in long-term memory through communication. If this connection is established with the user, they are more likely to retain and interact long-term. It's important to know when an immersive experience works and when it doesn't. For primarily transactional websites, providing a level of interactivity is essential to the journey, but further immersion can be a significant barrier to the user. Carrying out the journey mapping phase is necessary to create an ideal interaction with the site.

  • Digital Journal: Internet Marketing Trends In 2022

    We had summarized a few important facts and figures to assist marketers in getting prepared for 2022. Read more:

  • Is It Time For Your Website Redesign?

    In order to keep your website up to date, it is important to change its features, content, and design. You can give your #website a brand new look by means of a stylistic upgrade. Revamping your website can prove to be beneficial with regards to SEO, as it indicates to search engines such as Google that your site is maintained, updated, and active. Keep on reading to find out various ways to redesign your website. When should you redesign your website? When your site is not perfectly optimized for mobile devices. Around 80 percent of the website visitors will explore your site using a mobile device. When it has been five or more years since your website was designed. You need to redesign your website with the latest trends in technologies and web design that most of your competitors may use in order to get an edge over you. Always make sure to stay updated. When you notice that your bounce rate is higher than normal. A high bounce rate indicates that you are losing your prospective clients. It may be happening due to a bad user experience. You need to ensure that your visitors have a user-friendly experience. When you are selling premium products or your business is related or associated with the technology industry. You need to display your luxurious products and top-notch services in such a manner that they can perfectly match your business' core idea. Before you can begin the process of revamping your website (a huge project which can prove to be time-consuming), you need to take into account whether a few small alterations and changes can help you upgrade your website and bring it to the desired level or not. Having know-how about designing a website is one thing; however, updating it on a regular basis is something else. If you are unsure and indecisive regarding your website maintenance, you need to ask yourself a few questions, such as: Is the design of the website vaguely outdated? Have my sales dropped recently? Can I practically and realistically improve my results with the help of a better user experience or product photography? Will adding other pages, for instance, an online store or blog provide any kind of benefit to my brand? If your answer to any of these questions is a "yes," or if these questions force you to think about your website a little bit, then updating your website may prove to be a good option. 7 Steps to Launch Your Website Redesign: Examine and scrutinize your old website. Pinpoint your priorities. Specify and update the #targetaudience of your website. Identify which thing is working on your active and current website. Create a list of design changes that you want. Set new objectives and goals. Start creating a plan for redesigning your website. Having a website in 2022 is essential. However, it is more important to have a website that is well updated and maintained. It is what will make the real difference. A website that appears to be inactive or outdated will ultimately repel the website visitors, and this, of course, isn't a good thing. Therefore make sure to update your website and its content on a regular basis. You can always enhance your website and keep its design up to date. Consistently updating your website content is also very important. It would help if you showed your visitors that your content is up to the mark and you are always updated with the latest trends in your particular industry.

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  • Effective Marketing & Design | Website Design | Miami

    Digital Marketing & Website Design Company START A NEW JOURNEY TO SUCCESS We offer all marketing in one place. We do not just create websites, but develop a complete strategy and tools for your business. t GET STARTED WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU WEBSITE DESIGN CORPORATE DESIGN SEO SOCIAL MEDIA LOGO DESIGN WEBSITE REDESIGN ABOUT US Effective Marketing & Design is known as a reliable and affordable digital marketing company in Miami which specializes in website design. Our mission is to support startups and local businesses achieve their goals in the best way that we can. We are located in the U.S., but our clients live and operate their businesses worldwide. Even though website design is our speciality, this is not even half of the services we provide. From logo design and brand development to social media management and search engine optimisation to graphic and corporate design, we provide everything you could possible need in one place. The majority of our clients are small, fast growing businesses who are looking for an effective start or an aggressive boost to their digital marketing. FEATURED IN: TESTIMONIALS We invest all the experience we have gained over the years running online businesses into each and every project. Each of our websites uses a specific sales logic, adapted to your target audience. We believe that a website should be: ​ ⭐️ Beautiful ⭐️ Selling ⭐️ Effective ⭐️ Compatible. ​ Are you starting a new business? Here is how we can help you: Design a logo and create a branding strategy for the new business Develop a website for the new business Create and implement Search Engine Optimization for your website Start a Google Adwords campaign Design and print presentation and promotion materials, including: business cards, flyers, presentations, booklets, and posters Create and promote social media accounts and content on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube Create local business listings on Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook and more.

  • Effective Marketing & Design Client Testimonials | Miami

    Website Design Testimonials Anastasia is a fantastic professional. She took the time to really comprehend SpringBoard's target audience, identified what her deliverables were in an understandable way, and she put the site together with those things in mind. Whenever I didn't understand something she did a quick review of the workflow via a video that helped me immensely. Great to work with!! Bill G. Read All Web Design Testimonials Read All Google Reviews

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