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  • Setting Business Goals & Making Wishes for 2021

    Holidays are already here. The most magical night - the night of December 31st is around the corner. New Year's Eve can be not only for making wishes, but also for setting goals for the future. In fact, why not to convert your wishes into real goals? What should be your goal? It does not matter. There is only one important thing here - the goal should be real. So real, that it makes your eyes light up at the thought. Start by writing a list of goals and listen to yourself. How do you feel when you see each of your goals? Ask yourself a question: do I really want this? And if your heart starts beating harder, then the goal is real. After you have made sure that the goal is real, you need to understand what specific actions are required to achieve it. The goal is just a dream unless you have a step-by-step plan. Unfortunately, many people overlook this. And, without observing the sequence of steps, as a rule, they float where the wind blows. And then suddenly they realize that they have already sailed very far from their goal. Could your plan change? Of course it can but if you have an understanding of where you are going and what resources do you have, one way or another your goal will be achieved. What else is important to consider on the way to translate the goal into reality? Having a written plan. It is important to conduct a regular self-check and analysis of the results achieved for a month, quarter, six months - where and at what stage you are, what is working out and what is not. And ask yourself as often as possible: is my current result getting closer to my annual goal? It's time for efficiency, for online projects and for brave ideas. Set ambitious goals and don't be afraid to try new things! Effective Marketing & Design wishes everyone a happy and successful 2021!

  • How Many Pages Should a Website Have?

    Many website owners are interested in how many pages a website should have in order to achieve the goals for which it was created. We at Effective Marketing & Design are getting various requests from clients who don't know what to have on their website to these who are ready to start with 20+ pages full of content. Who is right? As long as the business owner understands that the creation of a website is only the first step on a long path of its development and promotion, then she/he is right. There are many factors that can significantly affect success of athe website. So, how to understand how many pages should be on your website, so that it really allows you to achieve the desired results? Let's start with the fact that there is no specific number of website pages or at least some algorithm for determining the number of pages on a website. The first version of your website can really be a long scroll landing page or a classic "five-page" website. Sometimes it is important to have your presence online as soon as possible, to have a link to add to your social media accounts, and to be found in Google. But you should never stop there. Unique content of your website must constantly increase. Thus, fresh unique content should appear on the website regularly. The more pages with useful and unique content on the website, the better. For search engines, a website with more pages can provide more useful information to targeted visitors. This means that they are more likely to take the actions that are expected of them. Perhaps they will not do it right away, but if they like the site, they will most likely return to it, and more than once. If visitors see that there is practically nothing on the website that interests them, then they are unlikely to take any targeted action right now, and might never return to the website again. At the same time, website with a lot of pages and content has to have a good navigation, otherwise a visitor can get frustrated and never get to see desired content. So, a website with a lot of pages has an advantage over its competitors only if it offers a convenient navigation and call to actions. The more the website is liked by target visitors (determined by how often the click on it and how long do they stay), the more they will carry out the actions that are expected of them. That leads to the higher search traffic, which means more targeted visitors. But it is different in case of eCommerce websites. When shopping, the most important thing for a website visitor is to land on a page with desired product rather than having lots of information to read. In that case, a website can be just a simple landing page showing the products' advantages and offering easy navigation within the store. The first thing to remember is the quality of the text. It must be interesting and useful for website visitors. The second important aspect is the amount of text placed on one page of the website. Experts believe that a website page should not be less than 2-3 thousand characters without spaces. This means that in order to increase the number of pages on your website, you cannot simply cut some interesting article into a large number of pages containing only a couple of paragraphs of text.

  • Wix Websites: Set Up Your SEO on Wix

    Wix is a platform that allows us to create beautiful and user-friendly websites. About 180 million users from all over the world turn to the services offered by the platform. There are a lot of templates adapted for mobile version and most of the times you don't even need to have any web design knowledge to create a website. But what's next? Many people using Wix think that once they publish their website they can sit back and relax waiting for calls and emails. Unfortunately that's not that simple. As you need not only to make sure that your website appears in Google search results, but also having a good rank for your target keywords so that potential clients cab find you. Luckily Wix offers few tools to get started with your Wix website SEO. And here are some tips from Effective Marketing & Design on how to do it properly. Create a checklist To simplify the process, the first step is to draw up a checklist. This is a useful tool that will help you not only to visualize the entire work plan, but also speed up the process of implementation. How do you create it? First, define the goals to be achieved. Then divide each of the large tasks into smaller ones so that you know the approximate time to complete each of them. Thus, you not only create a clear and understandable plan for your SEO, but also know the approximate time that is required for the entire workflow. An example of a checklist for internal Wix website SEO: connect a custom domain; define your target keywords; add meta titles and descriptions on pages; optimize headings and content; run Wix SEO Wizard; register in search engines, like Google search console, go through additional. settings. Adding meta tiles and descriptions Meta titles and descriptions are essential for every website page and tell Google about its content. Here is how it looks: You can add these elements in the edit mode, find the "Pages" item in the menu and right-click on it. After that, go to the settings of the page you are interested in. If you want to make sure everything worked out, visit the "View in Google" section, where a preview is available. Don't forget to include your keywords and to have unique settings for every page. It is important to check the URL for every page too. A lot of times it doesn't match a page's title. Content optimisation (video, images and texts) For Wix SEO to be successful, the pages need to be titled (headings from H1 to H6). Using a text editor to promote your website, you can easily customize what is written in the required format. The editor has the ability to split the text into numbered lists, highlight keys in bold or italics, choose the desired color, etc. Previously we gave more details in one of our blog posts on how to properly allocate H1-H6 headings on your Wix website. To make your images participate in Google image search, use the trick called Alt text. To do that, click on the selected picture, insert the necessary text into the pop-up line. Wix SEO Wizard Website promotion on Wix is not burdensome if you turn to the built-in tool - Wix SEO Wizard. It has a task is to check your website for SEO. You can find it on your website dashboard. Enter the keywords and phrases that you'd like to target. After running the app, you will receive a report in which it will be noted whether the meta tags, titles and descriptions of your website are correct. Please note that you should not rely only on this tool - it does not always function as it should. However, necessary changes can be made to your website in the future to make in more effective. Don't want to deal with your Wix website SEO optimization and other SEO-related chores? Contact us and we will help you to set your website in the right direction.

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  • Effective Marketing & Design | Website Design | Miami

    Digital Marketing & Website Design Company START NEW JOURNEY TO SUCCESS We offer all marketing in one place. t We do not just create websites, but develop a complete strategy and tools for your business. GET STARTED WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU WEBSITE DESIGN CORPORATE DESIGN SEO SOCIAL MEDIA LOGO DESIGN WEBSITE REDESIGN ABOUT US Effective Marketing & Design is known as reliable and affordable digital marketing company in Miami specializing in website design. Our mission is supporting startup and local businesses. We are located in the U.S. however our clients live and operate their businesses worldwide. ​ Even though is our speciality, that is nearly half of the services we provide. Logo design, brand development, social media, search engine optimisation, graphic and corporate design - everything your marketing needs is here in one place. website design Most of our clients are small or fast growing businesses who are looking for effective start or aggressive boost for their digital marketing. TESTIMONIALS

  • Effective Marketing & Design | Website Design Portfolio | Miami

    PORTFOLIO REQUEST A QUOTE Cucu's Nest Bar Website & Logo Design DOSE Fitness Website Design Pet Preferred Website Design JP & Associates Website & Logo Design Wedding Venue Website Design Plantastic Logo Design & Website Design The Pod Shop UK Logo Design & Website Design Auto Image Services Logo Design & Website Design Cancer Ninja Website Design, Blog Mooncake English Logo Design & Website Design BlackIce Solutions Logo Design & Website Design Blooms & Balloons Junior's Bistro Logo & Website Design Music Production Logo & Website Design Italwax Online Store misschief234 Wix Website Redesign Business Advisory Shandy Lane Website Design Logo & Website Design LEEF Foundation Logo & Website Design Educational Services Website Design Rusty Cow Ranch Marty Wix Website Redesign Logo & Website Design Banana Bread Bakery in Miami Logo & Website Design IdleWild Pool Website Design Anastasia Asher Logo Design & Web Design ironrang1 SpringBoard Logo Design & Website Design Bestfitstaffing Website Design Non Profit Organization Website with donations and Events Functionality Bridal Website Design Wix Website Design Lavish Miami Designs Website Design | Miami Website Design and Logo Design H2N Website Design Website Design in Miami VRDT Holdings Kafe Feu Website Design | Miami Website Design | Miami Website Design | Miami

  • How It Works | Wix Website | Effective Marketing & Design

    Wix Website by Professional Wix Designer How It Works Effective Marketing & Design offers by building stunning websites on Wix platform, that allows us to focus on creative work and deliver results in 5-15 days. We create a custom professional website that fits your needs and expectations, and offer continued support after you launch. web design Step 1 Decide on your website structure and the amount of pages (sections) you need. Tell us important facts about your business, share your logo and brand identity, the colors you prefer or would like to avoid. Show us few examples of other websites that you like. What is a page? Using a book analogy, if your website was a book, a page of your website is a page from a book. It opens individually and has it's own URL (link). What is a section? Each page can contain multiple sections. Section is a block of information that is individually designed and visually separated from a section before or after. Usually a page that has more than 2 blocks is considered as long scroll page at it requires your visitor to scroll down. Step 2 Define your website concept and design expectations. Tell us important facts about your business, share your logo and brand identity, the colors you prefer or would like to avoid. Show us few examples of other websites that you like. Step 3 Get custom draft and give us your feedback. That is your first revision. 1 round of revisions comes after delivery of a website's mockups. That stage include 2 revisions. That means that after we hand in those first few potential designs, we expect our client to send us one e-mail listing everything they’d like to see different. Revision Guidelines Website design revision process is a collaborative step during which you can request any changes. To make revision process effective and have your beautiful website live as soon as possible, we suggest few guidelines: ​ 1. You can request changes such as fonts, layout, colors and main elements (header and footer) during your first revision.Adjustments to these elements might be done during next rounds of revisions. There will be certain elements that has limited layout or animation options due to the website frame and responsiveness features (the way it displays on different screens). 2. There are limited number of revisions that come with our website design packages. Additional revisions are added for the website with more content, pages and features. Additional revision rounds may be charged at $90 per round. We will always inform you on how many revisions you have left. ​ 3. Each revision has to be a separate email or a document. That is convenient for us and our clients to keep track of all the requests and changes. ​ 4. Please provide us your final text content, not temporary. In case you don't have your final texts, we can design your website with temporary placeholders that you can fill with our content later. If you don't have your content ready, please think on how many paragraphs you might need to make the best matching layout for your content. ​ 5. If you need additional any additional pages, sections or features that are not part of the quote, we will let you know in advance about additional charge. ​ ​ Step 4 At this stage final content is provided. “Content” means information, data, text, photographs, videos, audio clips, artwork, designs, written posts and comments, software, scripts, graphics generated, provided for the use on the website. ​ If you don't have any images - there is no need to worry. We provide our clients with unlimited stock images in high resolution. Step 5 Final revisions with mobile design. Mobile design adjustments are made at the final step of the website design.

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