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    • How Many Pages Should a Website Have?

      Many website owners are interested in how many pages a website should have in order to achieve the goals for which it was created. We at Effective Marketing & Design are getting various requests from clients who don't know what to have on their website to these who are ready to start with 20+ pages full of content. Who is right? As long as the business owner understands that the creation of a website is only the first step on a long path of its development and promotion, then she/he is right. There are many factors that can significantly affect success of athe website. So, how to understand how many pages should be on your website, so that it really allows you to achieve the desired results? Let's start with the fact that there is no specific number of website pages or at least some algorithm for determining the number of pages on a website. The first version of your website can really be a long scroll landing page or a classic "five-page" website. Sometimes it is important to have your presence online as soon as possible, to have a link to add to your social media accounts, and to be found in Google. But you should never stop there. Unique content of your website must constantly increase. Thus, fresh unique content should appear on the website regularly. The more pages with useful and unique content on the website, the better. For search engines, a website with more pages can provide more useful information to targeted visitors. This means that they are more likely to take the actions that are expected of them. Perhaps they will not do it right away, but if they like the site, they will most likely return to it, and more than once. If visitors see that there is practically nothing on the website that interests them, then they are unlikely to take any targeted action right now, and might never return to the website again. At the same time, website with a lot of pages and content has to have a good navigation, otherwise a visitor can get frustrated and never get to see desired content. So, a website with a lot of pages has an advantage over its competitors only if it offers a convenient navigation and call to actions. The more the website is liked by target visitors (determined by how often the click on it and how long do they stay), the more they will carry out the actions that are expected of them. That leads to the higher search traffic, which means more targeted visitors. But it is different in case of eCommerce websites. When shopping, the most important thing for a website visitor is to land on a page with desired product rather than having lots of information to read. In that case, a website can be just a simple landing page showing the products' advantages and offering easy navigation within the store. The first thing to remember is the quality of the text. It must be interesting and useful for website visitors. The second important aspect is the amount of text placed on one page of the website. Experts believe that a website page should not be less than 2-3 thousand characters without spaces. This means that in order to increase the number of pages on your website, you cannot simply cut some interesting article into a large number of pages containing only a couple of paragraphs of text.

    • Wix Websites: Set Up Your SEO on Wix

      Wix is a platform that allows us to create beautiful and user-friendly websites. About 180 million users from all over the world turn to the services offered by the platform. There are a lot of templates adapted for mobile version and most of the times you don't even need to have any web design knowledge to create a website. But what's next? Many people using Wix think that once they publish their website they can sit back and relax waiting for calls and emails. Unfortunately that's not that simple. As you need not only to make sure that your website appears in Google search results, but also having a good rank for your target keywords so that potential clients cab find you. Luckily Wix offers few tools to get started with your Wix website SEO. And here are some tips from Effective Marketing & Design on how to do it properly. Create a checklist To simplify the process, the first step is to draw up a checklist. This is a useful tool that will help you not only to visualize the entire work plan, but also speed up the process of implementation. How do you create it? First, define the goals to be achieved. Then divide each of the large tasks into smaller ones so that you know the approximate time to complete each of them. Thus, you not only create a clear and understandable plan for your SEO, but also know the approximate time that is required for the entire workflow. An example of a checklist for internal Wix website SEO: connect a custom domain; define your target keywords; add meta titles and descriptions on pages; optimize headings and content; run Wix SEO Wizard; register in search engines, like Google search console, go through additional. settings. Adding meta tiles and descriptions Meta titles and descriptions are essential for every website page and tell Google about its content. Here is how it looks: You can add these elements in the edit mode, find the "Pages" item in the menu and right-click on it. After that, go to the settings of the page you are interested in. If you want to make sure everything worked out, visit the "View in Google" section, where a preview is available. Don't forget to include your keywords and to have unique settings for every page. It is important to check the URL for every page too. A lot of times it doesn't match a page's title. Content optimisation (video, images and texts) For Wix SEO to be successful, the pages need to be titled (headings from H1 to H6). Using a text editor to promote your website, you can easily customize what is written in the required format. The editor has the ability to split the text into numbered lists, highlight keys in bold or italics, choose the desired color, etc. Previously we gave more details in one of our blog posts on how to properly allocate H1-H6 headings on your Wix website. To make your images participate in Google image search, use the trick called Alt text. To do that, click on the selected picture, insert the necessary text into the pop-up line. Wix SEO Wizard Website promotion on Wix is not burdensome if you turn to the built-in tool - Wix SEO Wizard. It has a task is to check your website for SEO. You can find it on your website dashboard. Enter the keywords and phrases that you'd like to target. After running the app, you will receive a report in which it will be noted whether the meta tags, titles and descriptions of your website are correct. Please note that you should not rely only on this tool - it does not always function as it should. However, necessary changes can be made to your website in the future to make in more effective. Don't want to deal with your Wix website SEO optimization and other SEO-related chores? Contact us and we will help you to set your website in the right direction.

    • Google My Business in 2020

      Google My Business is a free and very effective tool for promoting your local business on the Internet. It is vital tool for local businesses to display on Google maps and search results pages. In addition, Google My Business has additional features that can help you rank better in local search results. So, if you want to take advantage of this updated tool, here are few steps to create or optimize your Google profile in 2020. STEP 1 Complete your company profile A correctly filled Google listing is already half the success. Fill in the information only with correct data, since every change is moderated. Once you created account, don't forget to go to the Info sections and to fill in: - Include your keywords in the title. It's ok o have your keywords following your business name. For example, Effective Marketing & Design | Website Design and Digital Marketing - Choose the most suitable business category from the list but don't forget about additional categories. - Physical address and service area. Select the country or individual cities where you provide services. Your company will not participate in searches in other regions. - Schedule. Fill in the schedule as accurately as possible, indicating the time of the break. Also, don't forget to change your work schedule during the holidays. Keep in mind that your business marked as closed after your open hours. - Phone number. Provide a primary and valid phone number. You can enter 3 numbers, but Google display the first one as major. - Link. Indicate the link to the website. If you don't have a website yet, you can hire professional website designer, or you can create your website on Wix and hire Wix partner to do the revision. - Services. If your company provides services, fill in the service name, price, and description. So customers can see your price list immediately. Don't forget to keep it up to date. - Description. Enter a description with your keywords included. Remember the 750 character limit. STEP 2 Add high quality photos. Cover. Add a nice cover photo that displays the exterior of the building you are in. Logo. For the logo, choose a square image as it will appear in your feedback responses. Facade. Add photos to help clients find your building. Interior. Add only those photos that represent what your customers will see when they enter the premises. Photos cannot be edited. Inserting a logo, applying filters and other editing tools are prohibited. If you add edited photos, be prepared for Google to remove them. STEP 3 Post publications. Google My Business allows you to interact with users directly on search results pages and on a Google map. In this section, you can post anything related to your business, such as upcoming events, company announcements, blog articles, promotions, holiday messages, etc. You should make sure that you only post relevant, high quality, and useful content. For the maximum efficiency, add an image . Image Specifications: The minimum size is 400x300; Jpg and png formats; The maximum file size is 5MB. STEP 4 Add products. You can also add products or product categories that you offer to the Google My Business card. This significantly expands the number of search queries for which your store will be displayed. Also, don't forget to add a link to the product on your website. STEP 5 Collect reviews. Customer reviews undoubtedly affect business. A local business that has positive and persuasive reviews gains much more trust from existing customers and tends to gain more engagement from potential customers. In addition, reviews affect a company's ranking in search results and CTR (click-through-rate). Even if you have the best brand in the world, potential customers will still want to read reviews of you before contacting you. No one is immune from negative reviews, but you have the ability to respond to reviews and thereby increase customer loyalty. Need a consultation on Google My Business? Contact Effective Marketing & Design and we will be happy to assist you!

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    • Effective Marketing & Design | Social Media Marketing

      Social Media Marketing Your website design is ready? Now it's a perfect time to setup your social media accounts and start promoting your business. ​ Social Media Marketing involves promotion of product, services, business, yourself, affects demand, builds reputation and stimulates sales. Promotion in social networks is not limited to thoughtless posting, and commenting. ​ It is a complete system that allows solving a range of business tasks: Creating a permanent channel of communication with the target audience Brand recognition Increase traffic to the website Work with brand loyalty Sales promotion Creating your own network of brand advocates ​ SM MARKETING PRICES Social Media Advertising Social media advertising seems easy to set up, but why it is not bringing results? There are many steps that have to be taken care of properly to make the most out of you social media advertising campaign: ​ - Defining correct audience to show your ads, forming groups - Creating landing page for each ads group - Creating social media ads design for each group - Defining the right time, formats and location to show your ads - Setting up budget - Analyzing and adjusting social media ads ​ Effective Marketing & Design can assist you with all these steps to make your ad campaign effective. ​ CHECK OUR PRICES

    • Effective Marketing & Design | Social Media | Miami

      Get Established in Social Media or optimise your existing accounts BEFORE AFTER WHAT IS DIFFERENT? Relevant username ​ Branded Profile picture ​ Instagram photos are more representative of the business ​ Informative bio (description) ​ Address as an active link to get directions ​ Stories highlights ​ Frequent scheduled posts with hashtags and geolocations ​ Higher followers engagement rate Social Media Startup/Revamp Prices Instagram $290 Includes 2 weeks of monitoring and engagement Profile and business page setup Logo placement and optimization Username optimisation List of 30 hashtags Target audience research 2 posts for boosting* 15 min phone consultation or PDF guide on best practices about how to post and share content and how to generate traffic back to your website *Boost post budgetpaid to social media platform) ​ Additional fees: - custom highlight widgets - custom posts background Get This! Facebook $390 Includes 2 weeks of monitoring and engagement Profile and business page setup Page header. Custom background design, optimized for desktop and mobile Description, category, location & hours Target audience research Call to action inplementation Manu (tabs) optimization 2 posts for boosting* 15 min phone consultation or PDF guide on best practices about how to post and share content and how to generate traffic back to your website *Boost post budget paid to social media platform) ​ ​ Get This! LinkedIn $290 Includes 2 weeks of monitoring and engagement LinkedIn Business Page setup Professional custom cover design/photo Business Description and Information Target audience research SEO optimisation 2 posts Get This! * Ad budget is extra and will be charged directly by social media platform REQUEST A QUOTE

    • Effective Marketing & Design | Social Media Ads | Miami

      Social Media Advertising Packages Starter Package $290* Includes 2 weeks of monitoring, adjustments and 3 reports One Campaign Setup 1 Ad Setup 1 Ad Design 3 Ad Design Revisions Licensed images and fonts Targeted Audience Creation: Keyword, Interests, Workplace, Location etc. Custom Ad Scheduling Placement Optimizations Up to 2 Updates to Ad Campaign for cost optimisation Monthly Management Fee after the 1st month is $90 per month Minimum Ad Spend (Paid to Social Media Platform) - $450 a month Entreprenuer Package $490* Includes 1 month of monitoring, adjustments and 3 reports One Campaign Setup 2 Ads Setup 4 Ad Designs, A/B Testing 3 Ad Design Revisions Licensed images and fonts Targeted Audience Creation: Keyword, Interests, Workplace, Location etc. Custom Ad Scheduling Placement Optimizations Up to 4 Updates to Ad Campaign for cost optimisation Monthly Management Fee after the 1st month is $180 per month Minimum Ad Spend (Paid to Social Media Platform) - $600 a month Business package $790 Includes 1 month of monitoring, adjustments and 3 reports One Campaign Setup Up to 4 Ads Setup 6 Ad Designs, A/B Testing 3 Ad Design Revisions Licensed images and fonts Targeted Audience Creation: Keyword, Interests, Workplace, Location etc. Custom Ad Scheduling Placement Optimizations Up to 6 Updates to Ad Campaign for cost optimisation Monthly Management Fee after the 1st month is $270 per month Minimum Ad Spend (Paid to Social Media Platform) - $1200 a month * Ad budget is extra and will be charged directly by Facebook Frequently asked questions Do I need to use paid promotion on social media? You need social media advertising if you would like to: - Attract tatgeted traffic to your website - Attract new followers/subcribers - Increase online sales - Promote your new location The competition of business accounts in social networks has grown drastically during the last couple years and new algorithms do not display business page posts in organic search results as much as paid ads. In this regard, there is a direct need to use targeted advertising in social media networks. What is the optimal budget for an advertising campaign? We recommend allocating at least $ 450 / month for one ad, especially for the first month. It usually takes few weeks to optimise an ad to get the best result. Our main function is to use the allocated budget as efficiently as possible, while minimizing the cost of advertising. Can I do it myself? Of course. But if you don't have an experience of running PPC or social nedia ads, you might end up overpaying for your ads or not reching your target audience. We have our own strategies on how to reduce cost per click and make ads more effective. Which call to action should I choose? Is it better to attract new audience to my social media account or my website? In order to understand where it is better to drive traffic, we need clear goals for an advertising campaign. If the goal is to form a loyal community on social networks, then traffic should be directed to the community. If your goal is to get leads or purchases, then you should drive traffic to the website. Before launching, we analyze the landing page. If at this stage we understand that the site can convert poorly, then we suggest working through lead forms in social networks. What can I expect from my ad design? Can I use the design somewhere else? Very professional and complex designed ads might not work well in social media. Too beautiful pictures sometimes fall under the "banner blindness" of a user. We can test both options and you will see the difference in performance. Our experience shows that often the best results in performance are provided by native advertising, which is organically integrated into the user's news feed. But if the advertising campaign is widespread or the goal is brand awareness, the design can me more creative and complex. If you offer to launch your own image or have specific design requirements, as long as extra text on your ad design, then we cannot guarantee that the KPIs for conversion actions (subscriptions, traffic to the site, requests) will be high.

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