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How to Promote your Online Fashion Store

One of the most popular ways of doing business on the Internet is opening your own online clothing store. It gives you a flexibility to sell any styles or brands you want, to anyone in the world with minimum costs involved.

 At first glance, it's easy to enter this niche, and the business can bring a really good income. But it is a cruel world of fierce competition. Basically any housewife or high school student can create a website using online store builders - it's simple and cheap. The truth is that selling clothes, shoes and accessories via the Internet - it's not that simple. You must at least be a good marketer and stylist to anticipate the taste preferences of your future customers, but also be able to form the right prices for the items, and then be able to present your brand online to your specific audience. How to start selling clothes online? How to promote your online fashion store? Is it realistic and worth it?

Start with analysis of your competitors.

At first glance, everything is simple - you just need to find good suppliers that could constantly offer new products and be in an affordable price category, develop online store and promote the website through which customers will find you. But, in fact, it is not enough. It is necessary to understand very well the purchasing psychology, fashion trends and to be able to forecast the demand at least for several months. And the demand in fashion industry depends not only on fashion trends. It also depends on the prices, the availability of sizes, quality of design. So, you need to understand how to form an assortment and understand how to bypass competitors in this matter.

It is important to find your niche in the fashion business. Try to look at the situation through the eyes of buyers. Suppose that your buyer is a middle-income young woman under 30. What could be a profitable product to offer them? Special occasion, party dresses. You can write a whole series of articles about the style, image and methods of choosing a party dress. Sale of dresses is a good niche, which allows you to immediately find your customers and sell them quickly. There is no point in spraying many products at once. Accessories, suits, clothes, shoes, bags, - choose one thing to start with. Later it will be possible to expand the range, but as practice shows, it is better to start with selling of one type of goods, and then move on to other positions. The ability to choose a niche in fashion business is almost half the success.

Sources of website traffic.

 The secret of fast promotion of an online fashion store is to learn how to find as many sources of free traffic as possible, which can then be successfully converted to profit. Where to search for traffic? Anywhere people can be interested: social media, online boards, by obtaining organic traffic from search engines (by writing articles), search engine promotion in Google or other search engines, and so on. The more sources of quality traffic you can find, the better. Previously we told about basics of SEO strategy.

First it is worth looking for traffic where it can be obtained for free. Gradually, after earning a customer base and earning a little money, you can learn to use paid advertising to promote your product. Many entrepreneurs immediately take on contextual advertising. We recommend that you be extremely cautious with contextual advertising - beginners are very easy to spend a couple of hundred dollars and do not get any feedback at all. The most effective is to contact specialists to promote websites-they will share with you the experience and teach how to organize an advertising campaign competently.

Special attention to social media.

Social networks give many online stores a solid amount of traffic and potentially interested customers. Regular work with social media gives a positive result after 2-3 months after the start of promotion of the site.

Promotion in social networks can be both paid and free. Paid promotion in social media is the placement of banners and the purchase of advertising spots in other groups, pages and so on. Free promotion is the promotion with the help of interesting viral content. It is not necessary to invent something incredible. Just place more high-quality pictures of the products.

Working with social media you also need to learn how to write attractive texts. Useless content is all over Internet, so do not repeat the mistakes of many marketers. Help your potential customer to choose something from your product, rather than distract her attention to useless topics that will take time from both you and the client.

So, the secret to effective marketing of the online clothing store is simple - you need to intelligently identify the needs of the audience and assess their strengths and capabilities. If you follow these principles, in a few months your store will develop successfully.


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