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How To Name Your Business

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Probably the first marketing related question that pops up when starting a new business is how to name it. That's when you start browsing in your head through different related terms, names of your pets, family names or making up your own words. Do you know that your promotion activities can benefit from a correctly chosen brand name? You should consider these tips:

  • Unless you are ready to invest a lot into marketing of your new business, you want your business name to be meaningful. Instead of calling your pet grooming company "Happy Paw" or "Charlie", try something like "Happy Pet Grooming", "Austin Pet Grooming" or anything else containing phrases that people search online. To find out the most popular search phrases, check them out with Google Adwords Keyword Tool or any other free Keyword Tool online.

If you still want to use the name of your first dog for your business name, you can call it "Charlie Pet Grooming" and kill two birds with one stone.

  • Check the name availability. Make a list of 10+ brand names ideas (the more the better). Start with (for the U.S.) to check for existing trademarks with your desired names. If your name is not taken, Google it. Don't forget to put "breaks" to get exact match. If the name is not registered but it appears in Google as existing business - don't give up. Check the existing business, see if it is close to you geographically, what services or product do they offer. If you offer beauty services in Miami and there is a company with the same name offering tours in Australia - you can still take it. But try to pick a name that’s not too long (3 words max). You can use abbreviation but you still have way to go before you become another IBM to have your name easily remembered.

  • You want to get appropriate domain for your website. Services like can help you to check if a domain containing your future business name is available. You would be surprised how many domain names at .com are taken. Instead of giving up on COM, try adding different options like changing words' order, adding prefix like "your" (ex. or location (ex. In some cases you can even start brainstorming from this step creating your business name.

  • Same thing with social media, but it doesn't hurt much if your account will be Petgrooming2018 or Petgrooming_austin Finally, it is always better to register your business name and use a trademark protection. For the U.S., registered business name protects you at state level and trademark - at a federal level. Follow our updates for the next step - creating your business identity, style and logo.

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