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Affordable Logo Design

Logo Designer at Work


Professional logo development implies a detailed study of the market and your professional competitors. Only such an analytical approach to development will allow the creation of a logo which will enable the brand to work effectively in its field by differing from competitors without losing its individuality, attractiveness and recognition.


Any logo should be perceived not simply as a beautiful picture, but as a symbol. Its typography and color decisions should have a very concrete meaning, allowing a potential consumer to either accept a brand or reject it. That is why the logo is the most important element of the visual series, as it symbolizes the idea of positioning your company on the market.


A prominent logo can strongly influence the perception of the company in a competitive market. This is because after creating a memorable logo, it will be easier for you to conduct a successful advertising campaign either online, on television or outdoors.

It is important to remember that we do not work on a template, as we do not provide model solutions!

At Effective Marketing & Design, we usually develop 3-4 different concepts of the logo for you to choose from.

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