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Wix Website by Professional Wix Designer

How It Works

Effective Marketing & Design offers web design by building stunning websites on Wix platform, that allows us to focus on creative work and deliver results in 5-15 days. We create a custom professional website that fits your needs and expectations, and offer continued support after you launch. 

Step 1

Decide on your website structure and the amount of pages (sections) you need. Tell us important  facts about your business, share your logo and brand identity, the colors you prefer or would like to avoid. Show us few examples of other websites that you like. 

What is a page?

Using a book analogy, if your website was a book, a page of your website is a page from a book. It opens individually and has it's own URL (link).

What is a section?

Each page can contain multiple sections. Section is a block of information that is individually designed and visually separated from a section before or after. Usually a page that has more than 2 blocks is considered as long scroll page at it requires your visitor to scroll down.

website layout.png

Step 2

Define your website concept and design expectations. Tell us important  facts about your business, share your logo and brand identity, the colors you prefer or would like to avoid. Show us few examples of other websites that you like. 

Step 3

Get custom draft and give us your feedback. That is your first revision. 1 round of revisions comes after delivery of a website's mockups. That stage include 2 revisions.  That means that after we hand in those first few potential designs, we expect our client to send us one e-mail listing everything they’d like to see different. 

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Revision Guidelines

Website design revision process is a collaborative step during which you can request any changes. To make revision process effective and have your beautiful website live as soon as possible, we suggest few guidelines:

1. You can request changes such as fonts, layout, colors and main elements (header and footer) during your first revision.Adjustments to these elements might be done during next rounds of revisions. There will be certain elements that has limited layout or animation options due to the website frame and responsiveness features (the way it displays on different screens).


2. There are limited number of revisions that come with our website design packages. Additional revisions are added for the website with more content, pages and features. Additional revision rounds may be charged at $90 per round. We will always inform you on how many revisions you have left.

3. Each revision has to be a separate email or a document. That is convenient for us and our clients to keep track of all the requests and changes. 

4. Please provide us your final text content, not temporary. In case you don't have your final texts, we can design your website with temporary placeholders that you can fill with our content later. If you don't have your content ready, please think on how many paragraphs you might need to make the best matching layout for your content.

5. If you need additional any additional pages, sections or features that are not part of the quote, we will let you know in advance about additional charge. 

Step 4

At this stage final content is provided. “Content” means information, data, text, photographs, videos, audio clips, artwork, designs, written posts and comments, software, scripts, graphics generated, provided for the use on the website.

If you don't have any images - there is no need to worry. We provide our clients with unlimited stock images in high resolution.

Step 5

Final revisions with mobile design. Mobile design adjustments are made at the final step of the website design.

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